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HSBC Empowers Malaysians to Thrive
in Extraordinary Times with #WeCanWeDo

The international bank translates global brand purpose into local mission; using financial
empowerment as an enabler to help Malaysians reach their financial goals in the new normal

Financial literacy or lack thereof is a global issue. Closer to home, studies have shown that a third of Malaysians are not comfortable with their financial knowledge; and with the challenges of a pandemic plaguing the nation, 52% say they face difficulties raising even RM1,000 for emergencies. In a bid to help Malaysians equip themselves to take on the new normal while simultaneously shifting the nation’s financial literacy needle, HSBC Malaysia (HSBC) is embarking on an important mission of financially empowering Malaysians to help them thrive amidst adversity.

Launching its We Can We Do initiative digitally to a nationwide audience, HSBC is fostering the Can-Do spirit and putting the spotlight on financial literacy as an enabler to help Malaysians seeking for financial growth and freedom. Guided by its brand philosophy of “Together we thrive” and driven by its “Acts Not Ads” strategy, HSBC demonstrates that the key to realising one’s goals and the secret to turning Cans into Dos is to become people of action.

As a brand that walks the talk, HSBC expressed that Malaysians are at a point where they could use all the inspiration and support they can get to weather a difficult time; and as a financial institution, HSBC has a duty to help customers and the community by becoming their guide in financial matters. We Can We Do is the rallying cry for Malaysians to take control of their finances and HSBC’s pledge to be with them every step of the way.

“It is ever more important for people to possess the ability to make informed financial choices regarding saving, investing and borrowing, especially in this climate, because the decisions we make today will affect our tomorrow. Financial literacy has been a subject of concern for a long time now and while there are remedial solutions that are underway, it is often reactive. As an organisation that understands the economic and societal impact of financial literacy, we strongly advocate a proactive approach to financial literacy and that it needs to start from a younger age. It is our collective responsibility to raise financially-savvy leaders of tomorrow and to break the cycle of financial illiteracy,” said Stuart Milne, CEO of HSBC Malaysia.

HSBC’s We Can We Do is an umbrella that covers a series of initiatives crafted for thriving Malaysians. These initiatives include carefully curated roundtable sessions and financial masterclasses led by HSBC’s own financial experts, industry leaders and financial-savvy Malaysians from reputable finance publications. These programmes, created for personal finance as well as for entrepreneurs and business owners, aim to equip participants with financial tools and know-hows to help them better plot their financial future.

To underline the need for financial literacy to start from young, HSBC has inked a strategic partnership with non-profit organisation Teach For Malaysia (TFM) to design a Financial Empowerment Programme using a game-based approach to help children grasp and familiarise themselves with key financial concepts. The programme, which will be rolled out through a 5-module financial literacy toolkit will simulate real-life scenarios to guide children on financial concepts such as setting financial goals, budgeting, savings and how to identify and handle financial scams. A key component to adopting We Can We Do is the Can-Do spirit and to motivate Malaysians, HSBC is featuring a troop of Can-Do Heroes whose stories of failures and triumphs, grit and passion serve as an inspiration to show that we ultimately CAN when we DO. As heroes comes in different shapes, HSBC is also bringing attention to the everyday heroes walking amongst us. From differently abled entrepreneurs to young volunteers, these heroes have remarkable stories that are true embodiment of the We Can We Do spirit.

HSBC is also powering Malaysia’s Can-Do spirit through sports, specifically badminton which the bank has been proud patrons of for the last two years. Badminton, a national pride and common sporting language for Malaysia, is one of HSBC’s brand pillars to drive its local brand agenda of “Together we thrive” to unite the nation. HSBC’s corporate social responsibility arm will additionally co-drive We Can We Do, further bringing its “Acts not Ads” approach to life through the involvement of its employees.

“As we adjust to the new normal, it is critical that each one of our staff displays that Can-Do spirit and take the actions necessary to help our customers get back on their feet. I have witnessed exemplary effort from my team in managing through this extraordinary times and it is really gratifying for me to know that HSBC is full of people who are ready and really keen to help our communities recover from this situation,” added Milne.

HSBC as an entire organisation is committed to journey with Malaysians through the new normal and beyond. From imparting financial wisdom to offering financial solutions, HSBC is bringing Malaysians a few steps closer to seeking financial freedom and realising their dreams.

In a run up to the launch of We Can We Do, HSBC has invited six financially-savvy Malaysians to share their perspectives on how to embrace and thrive in The New Normal: Life, Business and Beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates on HSBC’s financial literacy and how to turn “Cans” into “Dos”. To learn more about #HSBCWeCanWeDo, find out more at HSBC Malaysia’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HSBCMalaysia.